Your Preferred Home massage Service in Dubai

Living in a busy megacity like Dubai can make it grueling to rest and relax. Traveling, working, and fraternizing can snappily come inviting. That is where Zen At Home mobile massage services come by, furnishing a simple result to help you relax and reduce stress in the comfort of your home.

Our platoon of broadly trained and endured mobile Home Massage Dubai therapists brings the gym to your door, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a professional massage without leaving the comfort of your home or hostel room. With Zen At Home, you can eventually let go and find the peace and relaxation you earn.

Benefits of reserving a Calm Massage in Dubai

Bespeak your massage in Dubai with Zen At Home and enjoy significant savings. For one, it eliminates the need to navigate Dubai’s notorious business logjams, which can take a risk on your body and mind. Instead, relax and let our therapists work for you.

Another benefit is the convenience of staying in your home or hostel room. After a long day, occasionally, you want to lie in bed and forget about the world. With Zen At Home mobile massage services, you can do just that. Our therapists have all the necessary inventories and outfits to give you a quality massage.

What we do to keep you safe when you bespeak a mobile massage in Dubai with us

At Zen At Home, we authentically understand the significance of your safety when inviting a massage therapist to your hostel room or home. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our massage therapists are certified to practice in California and have experience furnishing safe and effective massages.

But we do not stop there. We also precisely warhorse and elect all of our massage therapists to insure

They’re professional and secure providers who treat your space with the utmost respect and care. With our comprehensive background checks, you can have complete peace of mind knowing you’re working with devoted professionals.

Types of massage services available in Zen At Home

We understand that everyone’s massage requirements differ, so we offer colorful massage styles. You can choose from Swedish massage, deep towel, CBD oil painting, sports, antenatal, or a couples massage for two in Dubai. Whether you want to relax or need relief from chronic pain, we have the right massage style.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a traditional remedial massage involving long, gentle strokes and kneading, rubbing, and tapping to release muscle knots. The central ideal of this massage is to promote physical and internal relaxation. The benefits of Swedish massage are multitudinous and include

● More blood rotation.

● Relief from stress and anxiety.

● A more muscular, vulnerable system.

● More quality of sleep.

Swedish massage’s benefits include increased blood rotation, muscle relaxation, and stress relief.

Deep towel massage

Deep towel massage is a fashion that applies deep pressure to release pressure in deep muscles and connective napkins. It’s particularly effective in relieving chronic muscle pressure and pain. Your therapist may apply pressure with their knuckles, elbows, or fingertips. The benefits of deep towel massage include increased range of stir, pain relief, and bettered posture.

Couples massage

Couples massage is a popular option for couples who want to witness a massage together. You and your mate will admit your massage in the same room contemporaneously. You can choose the same or a different type of massage. The benefits of a couples massage include perfecting connections, reducing stress, and relaxing together.

Sport massage

Sports massage is designed for physically active people and focuses on the muscles used in movement and exercise. Your therapist will use colorful ways to ameliorate inflexibility, reduce injuries, and make abidance. The benefits of sports massage include bettered performance, brisk recovery time, and injury forestallment.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a type of massage that focuses on the lymphatic system. It helps exclude waste and poisons and supports the vulnerable system. During the massage, gentle, metrical movements mimic the movement of lymphatic fluid. This improves lymphatic inflow and rotation of nutrients to detoxify the body, increase immunity, reduce inflammation and pain, and ease rotation. It’s beneficial after surgery or radiation remedy because it can help reduce swelling and aid mending. Also, it may be helpful for chronic conditions similar to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and lymphedema. Whether looking to detox, heal, or relax, lymphatic massage can ease your health.

Antenatal massage

Antenatal massage is specifically designed for expectant maters to give a gentle, safe massage to reduce the stress and discomfort of gestation. Your therapist will concentrate on your lower back, hips, and legs. The benefits of antenatal massage include reducing stress, perfecting rotation, and reducing lumps.

Hot gravestone massage

A hot gravestone massage is comforting and involves placing hot monuments on specific body areas. Applying pressure to the affected area helps reduce muscle pain and release pressure. The heat from the gravestone helps increase blood inflow, which promotes mending and detoxification. This type of massage is known to reduce stress, ease rotation, promote relaxation, relieve chronic pain, lessen sleep quality, and reduce anxiety.

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