Translate Games in Hindi and Mandarin to Reach 3 Billion Users

The Indian and Chinese markets are the most densely populated consumer markets in the world. Collectively, both countries account for nearly half of the global population. In theory, if you make a cent for every person in either country, you become an instant billionaire. Hence, if you are a game producer looking to expand reach and profits, both markets are viable options. Hiring a gaming translation services provider with experience can help you effectively localize your game. The grand popularity of the mobile game PUBG can be attributed to the fact that its major community lies in India and China. 

AdSense Game Earnings

Okay granted, you cannot make Adsense money on console games. But you can make it on PC and most popularly on mobile devices. However, there are certain metrics for you to earn, and the most important one is user base. Hence, it is best to hire a video game translation agency to help you effectively capture your target audience’s tone and requirements. When you complete the metrics of qualification for Adsense. You can begin earning for every Ad watched on your game. Currently, $0.02 is the average revenue per Ad in the USA. This revenue may be different depending on region and niche. 

Advantages of Targeting Indian and Chinese Markets

There are various advantages to targeting both markets. Currently, all major brands are either targeting or trying to break into these markets. Both countries have highly competitive consumer markets, because of the high profit potential. 

  • Vast Population (Target Audience)

One major reason to target both countries by availing gaming translation services is the sheer audience size. Given how rapidly technology has progressed in providing cheap smartphones. You have billions of people who are your potential customers. A reason why many casual games that require low-end devices are sharply on the rise. Take Candy Crush or Flappy Birds as case studies. The vast population makes it more likely that your game will monetize. 

  • Cheap SMM and PPC

India is cheaper than China, but both countries have a relatively low cost of paid marketing. The video game translation agency you hire will translate all marketing materials for you. All you have to do is find the right audience and put your game in suggestions. The relatively low cost will allow you to target large volumes of users. Moreover, given the population densities in certain areas, you can strategically get more reach for less. 

Loads of Local Partnership Opportunities

There are many local business owners in both India and China who will be happy to partner with you. You can use their influence and network to promote your game. Communication can be made easy by hiring a gaming translation services provider. They can more than likely provide you with an interpreter to help you communicate. Call of Duty mobile and many such games have done just that. Games can be promoted on their social pages, websites, communities, events, and more. 

Long Term Growth

Success just does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort, not to mention consistency. You can’t just expect a video game translation agency to make you a success overnight. Granted that translation and local language marketing is important. But it can take time to grow your position in these markets given the saturation. For instance, you rank on search engines, you come up more in recommendations, you are known for a specific category, and more. Translation is a long-term strategy that utilizes SEO rankings, word of mouth, and more.

Considering AI Tools vs. Human Translators

If your translation needs are general like basic communication then AI translation tools are a godsend. However, if you translate instructions or how-to-play manuals, errors can be embarrassing and can make your translations virtually useless. But, AI tools are fast and inexpensive but can be relatively unreliable. Human translators can provide you with more engaging translations. However, the cost is higher and so is the turnaround time. 

Mobile Games Easier to Market in Both Countries

Console gaming is a luxury that many cannot afford. But mobile gaming is a luxury afforded to almost everyone. Granted there are still barriers to entry, as many high-end games need high-end devices. However, even if your game is AAA you still have a decent population pool to market your games. If your game is simple and light, you have everyone in your target. Take the example of an 8-ball pool that regularly hosts 10 million users a day. Most of the users are from China and India. Another interesting fact is that most of both countries’ population is young and happy to try new games. 


India and China will continue to be the most densely populated countries in the world. The size of the consumer market makes both countries very feasible investment destinations. Given the affordability and accessibility of mobile gaming. You simply can not avoid these markets. There are numerous case studies you can view. However, it is important to be careful of the cultural differences and censorship laws of both countries. 

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