Top Tricks for Organising Your Wardrobe

Organising your closet can feel scarier than ghosts, but once you tackle it, it feels amazing! If you still haven’t sorted it out yet, this is your sign to clear the clump and make room for Eid collections. With some helpful advice and techniques, you can organise even the messiest closets and make them neat and tidy.

Take Everything Out  

Before you tidy up, clear everything out of your closet, even that hidden sock. This gives you a fresh start and shows you how much space you’ve got.

Decluttering is Key

When you begin organising, it’s important to declutter. Think like Monica and ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?” If not, it’s time to say goodbye. People often hold onto things, but honestly, letting go of what you don’t need will create space and make organising easier.

Seasonal Rotation  

Pakistan has different weather throughout the year, with hot summers and cold winters. To save space, switch your clothes according to the season. Store clothes you’re not using in sealed bags or boxes to keep them clean and safe from bugs and dust. This not only makes more room in your closet but also keeps your clothes fresh and right for the season.

Invest in Quality Storage Solutions  

After you finish decluttering, get some storage solutions to keep things organised. Houses typically have limited closet space, so maximising every inch is essential. Invest in space-saving solutions like hanging organisers, stackable bins, and over-the-door hooks. Don’t forget to utilise the space under your bed for storing shoes or extra blankets.

Categorise with Care  

When putting items back into your closet, divide your clothes into categories that make sense for your lifestyle. For example, separate your everyday wear from formal attire, traditional wear, and workout clothes. Put tops together, pants in one spot, and accessories in another. This makes it look neat and helps you find things easily.

Color Code for Clarity  

Embrace the vibrant colors of fashion by color-coding your wardrobe. Now’s the perfect time to organise those co ord sets from Pakistan. This not only makes your closet look nice but also helps you put together outfits more easily. And, it’s a cool way to show your appreciation for different cultures.

Fold and Roll  

Proper folding of clothes is important for storage. Folding neatly and rolling can save space and minimise wrinkles, especially for items like t-shirts, jeans, and traditional salwar kameez. This method also reduces the time spent ironing.

Accessorise Wisely  

Accessories make outfits better, but they can make a mess in your closet. Use dividers or small containers to keep jewellery, scarves, and belts tidy and easy to find. Bonus tip: repurpose old ice cube trays for storing earrings and rings.

Utilise Vertical Space  

Make the most of your closet space by thinking vertically. Instead of just using the floor and rods, add shelves or hanging organisers. This way, you can store things like handbags, hats, and folded clothes without cramming everything onto the rods. Try using hooks to free up even more space. You’ll be surprised how much extra room you can find!

Label Away

Labels are useful not only for jars in the kitchen, but also for closet organisation. Use labels or tags to identify bins, boxes, or baskets containing specific items. This simple step saves you time rummaging through containers searching for that one elusive item.

Don’t Forget the Door  

The back of your closet door is prime real estate for organisation. Install an over-the-door shoe organiser or hooks to hang bags, scarves, or belts. It’s a simple yet effective way to make use of every inch of space.

Maintenance is Key  

Keeping your closet neat and tidy takes regular work. Dedicate some time every month to tidy up, review your storage methods, and fix anything that needs it. Just a little upkeep can stop clutter from piling up again.

Celebrations Await!

Now, it’s time to celebrate your success in organising your closet! Treat yourself to something special as a reward for your effort. Remember, a tidy closet isn’t just about neatness—it reflects a calm and focused mind.


Transforming your closet isn’t just about neatness. It is about having a space that feels like yours. Discover how these simple tips and tricks can effortlessly transform your closet into a place where dressing up becomes an experience every time!

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