Inside the Samsung Galaxy S21: Motherboard Replacement Essentials

Curious about the inner workings of your Samsung Galaxy S21? Delve into the heart of your device with our essential guide to motherboard replacement. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll walk you through the steps to replace the motherboard in your Samsung Galaxy S21, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle this advanced repair.

Understanding the Motherboard:

The motherboard is the central component of your Samsung Galaxy S21, housing the CPU, RAM, storage, and various other essential elements. If your device is experiencing issues related to hardware failure or damage, replacing the motherboard may be necessary to restore functionality.

Tools Needed:

To replace the motherboard in your Samsung Galaxy S21, you’ll need a set of specialized tools, including a precision screwdriver set, plastic prying tools, tweezers, an anti-static wrist strap, and a heat gun or hair dryer for loosening adhesive.


Before beginning the motherboard replacement process, ensure your Samsung Galaxy S21 is powered off and disconnected from any power sources. Remove the SIM card tray and any protective case or cover from the device to access the internal components.

Removing the Back Cover:

Start by removing the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy S21 to access the internal components. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to apply heat to the edges of the back cover, softening the adhesive that secures it to the device. Once the adhesive is loosened, carefully insert a plastic prying tool or guitar pick between the back cover and the device, and gently work around the edges to separate the back cover from the frame.

Disconnecting Components:

With the back cover removed, you’ll gain access to the internal components of your Samsung Galaxy S21. Before proceeding further, it’s essential to disconnect the battery connector and any other components that may interfere with the motherboard replacement process. Take note of each connector’s location to ensure proper reassembly later.

Removing the Old Motherboard:

Once the necessary components are disconnected, you can remove the old motherboard from your Samsung Galaxy S21. Start by loosening the screws securing the motherboard in place and carefully lift it from the device, disconnecting any cables or connectors attached to it.

Installing the New Motherboard:

With the old motherboard removed, it’s time to install the new motherboard in your Samsung Galaxy S21. Align the new motherboard with the corresponding slots and connectors in the device, ensuring it fits snugly against the frame. Secure the motherboard in place with the screws removed earlier and reconnect any cables or connectors attached to it.

Reassembling the Device:

After installing the new motherboard, carefully reassemble your Samsung Galaxy S21 by reconnecting any disconnected components. Replace the back cover of the device and ensure it fits snugly against the frame. Apply gentle pressure around the edges to reseal the adhesive and secure the back cover.


Before completing the motherboard replacement process, it’s essential to test your Samsung Galaxy S21 to ensure the new motherboard is functioning correctly. Power on the device and check for any issues with booting, connectivity, or performance.


With this essential guide to motherboard replacement provided by Fixo, you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S21’s inner workings and tackle advanced repairs confidently. If you encounter any difficulties during the replacement process or are unsure about tackling the repair yourself, consider seeking assistance from a professional repair service. With a new motherboard installed, your Samsung Galaxy S21 will be ready to power your digital experiences for years.

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