How Does First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit Work?

So, you’re curious about how the First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit works? Well, let’s break it down for you.

First things first, when you’re considering using this kit, keep an eye out for one key feature: an indicator that lets you know when you’ve collected enough saliva for an accurate test. This indicator is essential for ensuring the test reads correctly.

Now, if you’re used to urine tests and wondering how saliva tests measure up, rest assured, they’re just as quick and accurate. Saliva screening tests can pick up substances rapidly and with the same level of precision as urine tests.

When you choose an oral fluid collection device with a colour indicator, it’s like having an extra assurance. The colour change signals to the donor that they’ve provided enough saliva for a reliable test. This feature is particularly important because some saliva testing devices have it, which could lead to false results due to insufficient sample collection.

Compared to other drug testing methods, oral fluid testing is pretty straightforward. You don’t need a bathroom for sample collection, and the process requires minimal training to ensure accuracy. So, it’s convenient and reliable, making it a popular choice.

First Sign Saliva Drug Test Procedures

Let’s walk through the procedures for using the First Sign Saliva Drug Test kit.

1. First off, make sure the kit reaches room temperature (that’s around 15-30°C) before you start. And here’s a heads up: for about 10 minutes before collecting the oral fluid specimen, avoid putting anything in your mouth—no food, drink, gum, or tobacco products.

2. Once the kit is at room temp, take it out of the sealed pouch and get ready to test. Remove the collection cap or sponge from the chamber and pop it into the donor’s mouth. They’ll chew on the sponge gently to release saliva. 

3. Make sure to swab the inside of the mouth and tongue for a total of 3 minutes until that sponge is soft and totally soaked with saliva. You shouldn’t feel any hard spots on it when it’s saturated.

4. After that, take the sponge out of the mouth and place the collection stick with the saturated sponge into the chamber. Screw the collector cap on tight to start the timer. Then, it’s time to label the device with the donor’s ID and wait for the result.

5. Peel off the label to reveal the test results, and keep an eye out for those coloured lines on the test strips. The results should show up within about 10 minutes.

A First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit can detect the following 7 major drugs:

  • Marijuana THC
  • Cocaine COC
  • Amphetamine AMP
  • Methamphetamine METH
  • Opiate OPI
  • Benzodiazepines BZO
  • Oxycodone OXY

How to Read a First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit Result

Here’s how you can interpret the results of the First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit:

  • First things first, keep an eye out for lines in the CONTROL section. If you see one or more lines there, it’s a sign that the test has worked properly, and the sample is good for testing.
  • Now, if there’s no line in the test area, that’s a NEGATIVE result—meaning no drugs were detected in the sample.
  • But here’s where it gets important: even if you see a faint line in the test area, it’s still a POSITIVE result. This means drugs have been detected, and it is recommended that you send this sample to a lab for further testing.
  • Remember, it’s normal for lines to show up at different times and with varying intensities.
  • For a negative result, you might see it pop up in under a minute. But for a positive result, you’ll need to wait the full time as per the test instructions.

Alright, let’s talk about some key features of this kit:

  • It tests for the parent THC component Delta 9 (Δ9), not just the metabolite.
  • It covers 7 drug groups and is compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4760:2019.
  • It’s error-free—combining saliva collection and swabbing into one device.
  • It’s less invasive than urine tests.
  • You can use it anytime, anywhere.
  • From collecting the sample to getting results, it takes less than five minutes.
  • It’s a breeze to use—just one step for an easy, fast, and accurate saliva drug test.

Are First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit Accurate?

Absolutely. First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit is highly reliable and certified to Australian standards. Staffing and recruiting teams often use saliva drug test kits for candidate screening. And occupational safety managers who require full-time sobriety can also benefit from saliva drug tests.

But, if you need assistance, Australia Drug Testing offers high quality kits and professional guidance to walk you through using your First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit. Plus, their customer service team is ready to address any questions or challenges you might have.

What Is the Detection Window for a Saliva Drug Test?

Well, within minutes, the mouth swab can tell if someone has used drugs within the past 3-24 hours. Saliva specimens offer the shortest detection window, which makes them ideal for reasonable suspicion testing.


Using the First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit offers a convenient, accurate, and speedy way to screen for drug use. From its easy-to-follow procedures to its reliable results, this kit provides a hassle-free solution for various testing needs. 

Whether you’re staffing professional screening candidates or an employer ensuring workplace safety, this kit has you covered. So, if you’re looking for a quick screening device or a dependable testing method, the First Sign Saliva Drug Test Kit is the solution.

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