Hair Removal Guide For Smooth & Soft Legs

Everyone wants to enjoy smooth and silky legs every time they go out. Do you also want to flaunt your flawless and soft legs whenever you wear a mini dress? Are you fed up with getting dried and irritated legs after removing hair? If so, you better get ready as we have discussed disparate hair removal methods in this hair removal guide!

Removing hair from the legs is super easy. However, the problem is that if done wrong, your legs can look dull, dry, and flakey. Do you also hate that stubble feeling over your legs? If you get strawberry legs after shaving, dried skin after waxing, and bristles after epilating, then you will find many tips and tricks here.

Do you know? The usage of hair removal products is increasing in the UK. Each hair removal varies on your skin sensitivity, budget, desired results, and longevity. If you also want to remove hair from your legs without making any mistakes then don’t forget to follow the hair removal guide given below!

  1. Shaving

Shaving is the classic way of hair removal. This method requires you to only glide a blade over your skin. You get hair-free legs in one swipe. However, the thing is that shaving only removes hair from the roots. Therefore, if done wrong you get bumpy and irritated skin. Other than that, you might get ingrown hair too. Shaving is cheap but it only lasts 2-3 days. 

How to Shave Legs?

  1. Ensure your razor blade is clean and sharp. 
  2. Take a warm bath and wet your legs. This will soften the hair. 
  3. Exfoliate with gentle scrub and loofah. This will clean the dead skin and save you from ingrown hair.
  4. Apply a soothing shaving cream or gel and make a lather.
  5. Glide your razor smoothly in the direction of hair growth.
  6. Don’t forget to wash your legs again after shaving. Apply moisturizer after shaving.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you have sensitive skin, use an electric razor on dry skin. However, take a bath before preferably. Aftercare is the same!
  • Don’t use your razor after 5-10 uses depending on whether it’s disposable or not.
  • Be careful around knees and ankles for blisters and cuts.

2. Waxing

If you want to stretch the hair-free and smooth legs timeline a bit, then waxing is your option. Waxing involves you to apply a thick and sticky paste in the direction of hair growth. Also, wait for 30 seconds then apply the strip over it and pull it in the opposite direction. Waxing is a root hair removal method. Hence, results last about five to six weeks. You can wax in a lot of ways like waxing strips, hot wax, or hard wax. Waxing is quite painful and it requires practice. Therefore, it is often recommended to get it done by a professional.

How to Wax Legs?

  1. Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin a day before waxing.
  2. Skin must be clean and dry before you start waxing.
  3. Your hair must be 3mm or longer to get it waxed.
  4. Apply the paste in the hair growth direction and pull away in the opposite direction.
  5. Your skin may get irritated. So, avoid swimming, tight clothes, scented creams, perfumes, and hot showers for some time.

Tips & Tricks

  • Your skin should be tight when you wax.
  • Pull the wax strip swiftly and close to the skin. 
  • If you’re using ready-made wax strips, warm them between hands before applying.

3. Sugaring

Sugaring works similar to waxing. It is a bit less painful as compared to waxing. Similar to waxing, a sticky and thick paste is applied to the skin and is removed once it hardens. The pro is that you can prepare the sugaring mixture at home. It comes in two variants, one is to make a runny paste from water, sugar, and lemon. The other one is to make a ball from the same ingredients which removes hair from the root but without strips.

How to Do Sugaring?

  1. Make your your skin is exfoliated.
  2. Clean and dry your legs.
  3. Apply the sugar paste in the opposite direction of hair growth and pull it away in the direction of hair growth.
  4. If you’re using the caramelized ball, then roll it with similar direction instructions.
  5. Wash your legs with a nice soap.
  6. Apply moisturizer.

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes and going in the sun.
  • Don’t exfoliate for a few days. 

4. Epilators

Just like waxing, epilators also give you lasting results for four to six weeks. It is also a device which comes with rotating discs and tweezers. They mechanically extract the hair from the root. This can be painful for you if you’re new to root hair removal. Still, it’s better than waxing. The best thing is that you can use it at home without any prolonged learning curve.

How to Epilate?

  1. You can epilate on both dry and wet skin.
  2. Exfoliation is key.
  3. Make sure your skin is taught while epilating for a smoother experience.
  4. Turn the device on and start moving it in the direction opposite to hair growth.
  5. Apply moisturizer, avoid going in the sun and exfoliate for a few days.

Tips & Tricks

  • If your pain tolerance is low, try epilating on wet skin.
  • Your hair length must be up to 0.5mm for epilation, longer than that can be painful to remove.
  • Hold the device at an angle of 90 for effective results.
  • Only touch the device against your skin.

5. Depilatory Creams

This is another painless surface hair removal method. Depilatory creams work by their chemicals as they dissolve the hair just below the surface. Their results like shaving also last a few days. 

How to Use Depilatory Creams?

  1. Exfoliate your skin before applying the cream.
  2. Ensure your legs are dry and clean.
  3. Apply the cream evenly over the hair area.
  4. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. According to the suggested time, remove the cream and wash the residual.
  6. Apply moisturizer.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always do a patch test.
  • Make sure to not scratch your skin.

6. IPL (Intense-pulsed Light)

IPL is your permanent solution to get smooth and soft legs forever. Yes, you heard it right and at that in the comfort of your couch. The amazing IPL technology uses beam-concentrated technology which targets hairy areas. The heat of the light spectrum is absorbed by your hair pigment at the root level. It disables the hair regrowth. In this method, you don’t need to grab many tools like wax, strips, clean razors, exfoliate and wash legs to clean residual.

In this hair removal guide, IPL hair removal is the best option for permanent hair-free legs. The great thing is that you can get your device from many reputable sites like Ulike. They offer ice touch cooling technology which provides you with painless treatment, unlike Laser hair removal. They offer three different light intensity modes which vary according to your skin sensitivity. Don’t forget to avail there “Try now, pay later” offer now!

How to Use IPL Device?

  1. Shave, wax, or epilate your legs before using the device. 
  2. Set light intensity according to your skin tone.
  3. Switch the device on and wait for it to release flashes (depending on your machine, you may need to press for each flash or automate the light flashes as you glide).
  4. Move on to cover the whole leg.

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid tanning yourself before and after IPL treatment.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Your skin must be dry and clean.

Final Verdict

The best hair removal for legs varies from individual to individual. It depends on your budget, pain tolerance, and comfort level. Shaving and depilatory creams are too temporary while epilating and waxing are quite painful. Hence, looking for an optimal solution, IPL stands out the most. It is a dream come true to show off your smooth and soft legs forever without any maintenance. So, how about making this one-time investment? Get your device and enjoy a 90-day return back warranty!

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