Google Ads for Fashion Brands: Showcasing Style and Trends

If you dress appropriately, everything in life is within your reach. It takes more than just dressing—or should we say window-dressing—to use Google Ads for fashion marketing.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, are not considered appropriate for fashion promotion by many fashion marketers. They are right when they say that pictures are important to their business. However, who said using Google AdWords couldn’t go visual?

When traditional marketers hear the word AdWords, they usually think of text advertising. This post aims to clarify Google AdWords and show you why it’s a crucial component of any strategy for digital marketing. 

Six Different Kinds of Advertising with Google AdWords

  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Search Network only
  • Display Network only
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Universal app

For clothing and fashion brands, shopping, display, search, and video ads are most effective. You cannot, at least not successfully, market your company on all of the social media platforms on your own, even though it is vitally important. To be honest, if you want your company to become the next big thing, you’ll need a team of professionals and a cross-channel marketing consultant to put these new methods into action. For advertisement, you can get help from Google Ads Management agency London.

Five Google Ads Techniques for Fashion Promotion

You might still not be able to manage a multi-pronged Google Ads campaign on your own, even with these five AdWords tactics. With just ten minutes of reading, you may gain a better grasp of AdWords’ capabilities and how fashion marketing can employ them, enabling you to assemble the best team of professionals for your business. On the plus side, as we’ll see in a few of the instances below, utilizing AdWords to their maximum potential can yield phenomenal profits.

Place a Bid for Your Brand

Candidates for president cast their ballots. You own your brand; why wouldn’t you bid on it? One of the worst mistakes a fashion advertiser can make with Google Ads is to not use your brand as a keyword. This is the reason why:

  • Bidding is inexpensive for terms and phrases that contain your brand name.
  • High client intent to conduct business with you is shown by branded searches.
  • If you have chosen a broad match or modified broad match keyword match type, you will receive free publicity for your brand.
  • Someone else might capitalize on your brand if you don’t!

Employ Ad Extensions

You’re losing out on important clicks and conversions if you’re not using AdWords extensions. Nowadays, Google Ads provides ten different kinds of extensions. The top options for clothing and fashion enterprises are listed below. With the AdWords Sitelink Extensions, you can display links to different areas of your website.

What Are Negative Branded Terms?

This one is brief! Ads are not displayed by Google when certain keywords are used. Assume you are a growing clothing company that sells jeans. You are aware that consumers of Levi’s are fiercely devoted to the brand and are unlikely to purchase your jeans. As one of your negative keywords, “Levi’s” can help you steer clear of clicks that aren’t wanted. These twelve unfavorable keywords are inappropriate for use in any AdWords campaign.

Manage Remarketing Campaigns for Google Display

With two million websites, Google Display Network (GDN) reaches over 90% of internet users. Though it’s a fallacy, small businesses are often hesitant to use GDN because they believe it to be too costly. In actuality, one of the least expensive ways to highlight your items and establish your brand is through Google display ads.

While search advertisements have an average CTR of 1.91%, display network ads only have an average CTR of 0.35%. As a result, you receive a ton of free impressions that would typically cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars when used in conjunction with TV or billboard advertising. Fashion brands that primarily rely on visuals to market their goods can benefit greatly from display advertisements. Use Shopping Ads for fashion and lifestyle blogs.


Google Ads are NOT skin deep, in contrast to beauty. It is complicated because of the way it is driven by keywords, numbers, and customer behavior. There are at least 22 distinct business categories in the fashion industry. The market is fiercely competitive, with mega-brands commanding extreme brand loyalty. Making a name for yourself in the fashion industry is difficult for tiny or beginning businesses unless you know how to use Google Ads strategically.

The purpose of this post is to help you comprehend Google AdWords and realize why it’s an essential part of any digital marketing plan. We understand that managing a business requires you to sort through a lot of information, therefore we advise you to partner with a digital marketing agency that specializes in Google fashion marketing and has the know-how your business requires.

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