Does Your Organic Traffic Actually Boost Revenue?

SEO is the most powerful strategy to drive business growth. The main aim of a Search Engine Optimization campaign is to improve the volume of your web traffic. Of course, it takes time to make the SEO campaign successful and effective. With optimised web content, internal linking, and other strategies, you can attract organic traffic.

Save money

The cost advantage is the most important factor in bringing organic search traffic. PPC advertisements will allow your potential customers to access your website link. However, if you have applied SEO strategies, the CPC for your organic traffic will be zero. This is how your company will gain a competitive advantage.

Gives a competitive advantage

A flow of organic traffic to your website means your website is highly optimised. Your website appears naturally in the SERP, and it allows you to beat your competitors. Target audiences will think that your business is better than others. So, they will make purchases from your company, and it will increase your revenue.

Gain credibility

If your website receives organic traffic, it means you will gain credibility. Some companies try to drive more traffic only with the paid advertising approach. However, it does not help them gain credibility or establish a presence in the online world.

More organic traffic means more leads

Traffic attracted to your website with SEO is more valuable than paid search and social media advertising. The quality traffic has a higher chance of conversion into customers.

The term ‘quality traffic’ refers to online users who are searching actively for your services or products. They need information related to your business. That is why you can easily convince them to become your customers. 

In fact, organic web traffic lets you generate a lot of leads. So, there is a better opportunity to convert these leads into sales. 

Higher CTR

Click-through rate is an important metric for measuring the frequency of your content being seen by visitors in the search results. In case of organic listings, CTR is comparatively higher. Dividing the number of clickers of your listing by the total viewer count of your listing allows you to calculate CTR.

Are there any challenges in boosting revenues with organic traffic?

Your organic traffic will not convert to sales if you have driven the wrong people to your website. Moreover, your sales team needs to be more efficient to persuade your visitors to become leads and customers. Only sales-qualified leads will give you significant value to your business. 

Furthermore, although you have drawn visitors, the churn rate may be high. These are some barriers to increasing your revenues. So, you need to make the best use of the traffic-driving channel, Google.

At King Kong, you can hire the best SEO experts to increase organic traffic to your website. They implement SEO tactics to boost your website rank. All in all, your website will receive more visitors who will learn about your business. You will get a chance to convert these visitors into your customers.

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