Different Types Of Sink Faucets For Kitchen Sinks

A faucet or a tap is an essential part of a kitchen sink. After all, you need a constant source of water to clean all the used dishes, spoons, and cooking vessels that end up in the kitchen sink. The faucet used in a kitchen sink must be compatible with the kitchen plumbing setup. So, if you are visiting kitchen faucet manufacturers, know about all the different types of sink faucets that exist so that you can make a prudent choice. 

Sink Faucets 101

A faucet that compliments the plumbing as well as the decor of the kitchen creates a win-win situation. But fancy taps can be quite expensive and you must consider the dimensions of the sink and the plumbing arrangement before purchasing a tap. This blog post gives you an idea of the different types of kitchen sink taps that are available in the market. 

Compression Washer Faucet

As the name suggests, this type of tap uses a washer to create a watertight seal. These are the most popular types of taps that you can spot in kitchen and bathroom settings. These taps have two controls: one for discharging hot water and the other for cold water. 

You have to s rotate the knobs attached to the hot or cold tap to let the water out. They work well with most plumbing setups, but of late, they have seen some dip in their popularity. One of the major disadvantages of this setup is that the knobs get stuck quite often, and it requires quite a lot of strength to operate them. 

Taps That Rotate On A Ball Cap

These taps are less common than the first type but they are found in many modern bathrooms and kitchens. One of the most distinctive features of a ball cap based tap is that it does not use a washer to create a watertight seal. This type of setup makes use of a ball-shaped cap that is fixed on the base of the tap. The tap works by rotation of the ball-shaped cap. 

Touchless Taps

These taps are often spotted in the most sophisticated kitchen and bathroom setups. As it is evident from the name, these taps are touchless, so you do not have to touch or rotate any knob physically to operate the tap. They are often found in public restrooms like busy restaurants or airport restrooms, but they can be easily installed in your bathroom as well. One of the biggest advantages of using touchless taps is that they are hygienic. You need not touch the tap physically, so the chances of spreading germs are minimized.

Final Words

Kitchen sink taps need to function perfectly for the kitchen to run smoothly. Several types of taps are available; some have a single outlet, while others have multiple outlets. In some taps, the knob needs to be rotated physically, whereas, in others, they are completely touchless. So, depending on your budget and needs, you must purchase a tap that serves your interest in the best possible manner.

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