A Buyer’s Guide For Buying Bike Accessories

A sports bike that racers use to win competitive races needs all the right accessories to give the ultimate edge to the rider. Bike accessories like mudguards, phone holders, and reflectors are installed to improve the comfort of the ride and the bike’s utility. Despite the important role played by bike accessories, bikers often tend to ignore the role of accessories. Nonetheless, they are important, and if you wish to learn more about them, you may visit bike accessories manufacturers.

Amping Up Your Bike’s Performance

Dozens of accessories can be fitted onto bikes, but you have to keep factors like the cycle weight and cost-efficiency in mind when you add accessories. 


A mudguard, also known as a mudflap, protects the vehicle, the rider, and the pedestrians against mud. The mudguard or the mud flap covers the wheel and prevents dirt, water, and stores from being thrown around. If you are a biker, your mudguard will protect the brakes of the bike, protect you from injuries (pebbles), and prevent you from getting dirty. Mudguards can be of different types, like full-length mudguards; these are the most common type, and they offer the greatest level of protection as they cover the entire upper surface of the wheel. Apart from full-length mudguards, there are clip-on mudguards, and their biggest advantage is that they are easy to fit and replace. They provide less protection against mud sprays, but they weigh much less, so if speed is important for a rider, he can choose clip-on mudguards instead of full-length mudguards.

Bike’s Rear Light

The rear light of the bike is designed to shine behind the bike; hence, these bike tail lights make it easier for pedestrians to spot the bike. Hence, these lights are crucial for avoiding collisions during the night or during those times when visibility is low (foggy conditions). If you are someone who likes to travel during the day, then you can install rear lights, as some of them are specially designed to improve visibility during the day.

A Bike Lock

A bike lock is crucial to prevent bike thefts, and if you are parking your bike, it is essential that you lock one of the wheels or fasten the main body(of the bike) to a stand. Bike locks can be of many types, namely chain locks, cable locks, D locks, etc. Chain cables are quite flexible and can be used to fasten the bike to even those stands that are physically distant. D-shaped locks are resistant to bolt cutters, drilling, picking, and leverage attacks. 

Final Words

Bike accessories improve the usability of the bike, enhance the safety of the biker as well as the bike. However, one must not be in a hurry while purchasing an accessory as replacing them over and over again can be time consuming and wasteful. So, learn all about bike locks, rear lights, mudguards, holders and baskets before you make a purchase.

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